Welcome to GUM Asia

Co-founded in 2007 by Frederic Monvoisin (Village Vert & Catalogue) and Fabrice Dumont (Grammy Awards nominee with Télépopmusik) GREEN UNITED MUSIC is a music house (original composition, music supervision, sound design, sound identity & movies) & a record company (Woodkid, The Shoes, Herman Dune, Part Company, Rocky & Black Atlass).

We are music makers and artists driven by the overwhelming need to create.

欢迎来到GUM Asia

GREEN UNITED MUSIC是一家音乐创作(原创作曲、音乐监制、声音设计、声音识别和电影)和唱片公司(Woodkid、The Shoes、Herman Dune、Part Company、Rocky和Black Atlass),由Frederic Monvoisin (Village Vert & Catalogue)和Fabrice Dumont(与Télépopmusik同获格莱美奖提名)于2007年共同建立。


What we make

We work for Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Air France, Libération Next, Lacoste, HP, Evian, Canal+, Western Union, Peugeot, Renault, Ford, Mitsubishi, Skyteam, L’Oreal, McDonald’s, Vodafone, LG, Havana Club, Carlsberg, and have combined their individual worlds and styles with an exclusive musical universe: Franz Ferdinand, Dan The Automator, Gonzales, Hindi Zahra, Mirwais, New Wave, Grizzly Bear, Yuksek, Sporto Kantes, Télépopmusik, Ready Made, Katerine, Esser.

We have also managed film soundtracks for the following directors: Julian Schnabel, Harmony Korine, Jacques Audiard, Gaspard Noé, Oliver Stone, Catherine, Corsini, Noémie Lvovsky, Denys Arcand, Les Frères Larrieu, Tonie Marshall, Justin Chadwick, Jean-Marc Moutout.


我们的客户包括迪奥、伊夫·圣·洛朗、法国航空、Libération Next、鳄鱼、惠普、依云、Canal+、西联汇款、标致、雷诺、福特、三菱、天合、欧莱雅、麦当劳、沃达丰、LG、哈瓦那俱乐部和嘉士伯。并将品牌与Franz Ferdinand、Dan The Automator、Gonzales、Hindi Zahra、Mirwais、New Wave、Grizzly Bear、Yuksek、Sporto Kantes、Télépopmusik、Ready Made、Katerine, Esser等音乐风格和独特魅力结

我们还为以下导演提供电影配乐服务:Julian Schnabel、Harmony Korine、Jacques Audiard、Gaspard Noé、Oliver Stone、Catherine、Corsini、Noémie Lvovsky、Denys Arcand、Les Frères Larrieu、Tonie Marshall、Justin Chadwick和Jean-Marc Moutout。

What we believe in

We are an integrated music company divided in two business units : a production house on one hand (leader on the French market), through which we produce music on commission for clients and brands. In this unit we can offer anything that an agency or a client might need, from original music or licensing, all the way to an extensive music library. On the other hand, we also have Gum Label where we produce music we love, for ourselves and for artists, with a view to always stay at the forefront of musical trends. We are specialized in breaking newcomers. This organization allows us to always stay modern and relevant thoughout our entire offering.

We leverage knowledge and experience from one business to the other. This is a unique structure that allows us to combine commercial relevance with artistic integrity.


我们是一家综合音乐公司,拥有两个业务部门。我们的音乐制作部门是法国市场上的领导者。我们的制作部门根据委约为客户和品牌制作音乐。在此,我们可提供机构或客户可能需要的一切,从原创音乐或音乐使用许可至内容丰富的音乐库。另一方面我们还拥有Gum音乐厂牌。我们用这个厂牌为自己、为艺人制作我们喜爱的音乐,以始终位居乐坛最前沿为目标。 我们也长于推出新人。


The Team